TracknTune is the very first product of our esteemed organization IT Bucket Consulting Services. The concept of this product is to address the communication gap between pre-school and parents. The pre-school kids are not that mature to communicate information to parents and diaries are time consuming act for teacher.

TracknTune comes into picture to curb the communication gap and allow the teacher to invest quality time for grooming kids. The parents will not miss on any important information pertaining to the school functioning and performance of kids.

This product will be a path breaking and it will change the way school interacts with parents and will ensure two way communications.

Product is under production and will be available in market very soon


WWW.AUTOONHIRE.COM is designed to provide reliable auto service to the masses of Hyderabad. Most of the Hyderabadi’s rely on the commonly available auto rickshaw which is usually called “AUTO”. Finding auto’s in Hyderabad is not difficult but convincing them for the reasonable price is a BIG deal for the masses. This is where comes into picture.

Once our service is in place, the masses can get a peaceful ride in an auto at government tariff. Autoonhire will create a win-win situation for both the customer and auto wala. This will also re-build the image of auto wala in Hyderabad. This service will also address many other issues faced by common man like security, reliability, door to destination service, reasonable pricing, tension free auto ride etc.,.

This service is currently on hold